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Give the perfect gift.


Gift Cards ensure that your special chess player in your life always gets the perfect chess gift. You get to specify the value of the gift card, from $1.00 to $500 US Dollars, and you can print out the gift card to present to the lucky recipient.


Follow these simple steps:

  • * Enter the value (required) of the Gift Card under Amount. You can decide how much to give, from $1.00 to $500 US Dollars. 
  • Enter the name (optional) of the Gift Giver under From Name 
  • * Enter the name (optional) of the Gift Recipient under To Name 
  • * Enter a message (optional) to be included on the Gift Card e-mailed to the Gift Recipiet

That's it! Now add the Gift Card to the cart and complete your purchase.  Once you've completed the purchase, you will immediately receive an email with instructions on prinitng out your gift card.  


NOTE - This is the PRINT GIFT CARD. If you are looking for the EMAIL GIFT CARD, which will automatically email the Gift Card on your behalf, click here


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