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  4. H. Kramer (1)
  5. Jan R. Cartier (1)
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  9. Siegbert Tarrasch (2)
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    Three Hundred Chess Games
    English Language Edition
    Catalog Code: B0007HY

    Grandmaster Siegbert Tarrasch, in Three Hundred Chess Games, takes the combinational school of Paul Morphy and combines it with the positional school founded by Wilhelm Steinitz. The result is a powerful system of chess player utilitized by some of the greatest masters since the turn of the twentieth century. Dr. Tarrasch's system reflects the entire store of knowledge of chess, up to the hypermodern era.

    Three Hundred Chess Games

    The Pirc Defense
    Catalog Code: CB0019RB

    Book by Alex Chernin, Jan R. Cartier

    The Pirc Defense

    CLEARANCE - Chess Praxis
    21st Century Edition
    Catalog Code: B0008HY

    This book is Grandmaster Aron Nimzowitsch's companion volume to MY SYSTEM. This classic is one of the best selling and most instructive chess books of all time. Thousands of satisfied customers have used this book to improve their understanding of positional chess play.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Chess Praxis

    Regular Price: $17.95

    Special Price $10.00

    Sharpen Your Tactics
    1125 Brilliant Sacrifices, Combinations, and Studies
    Catalog Code: B0001HY

    SHARPEN YOUR TACTICS is a chess tactics training book and is for every class of chess player. The examples are rated by difficulty and the problems gradually become more difficult as you move through the book, leading you into the world of high-level chess tactics.

    Sharpen Your Tactics

    CLEARANCE - Bobby Fischer - Complete Games Of the American World Chess Champion
    Catalog Code: B0009HY

    A thorough look at the games of the man recognized as the greatest Chess player of all time. Bobby Fischer's genius and uncompromised attitude raised the entire world's consciousness of chess and paved the way for multi-million dollar prize funds enjoyed by today's top players.
    Unbeatable Deal!

    CLEARANCE - Bobby Fischer - Complete Games Of the American World Chess Champion

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price $10.00

    The Game Of Chess
    Lessons in Classical Chess From the Greatest Teacher of All Time
    Catalog Code: B0006HY

    A famous chess manual for 75 years, now re-edited for the modern chess player. Dr. Tarrasch was one of the world's strongest players in the late 19th century and this manual teaches chess from the novice level to Class A / Expert strength players. It fully covers, tactics, endings, and opening play. A must for every serious chess player.

    The Game Of Chess

    Winning Chess Tactics For Juniors
    84 One- Two- and Three-Move Combinations for the Developing Chessplayer
    Catalog Code: B0003HY

    In our modern era in which many chess opening and middlegame positions are guided by sophisticated stratagems, the iron fist of tactical blows is still inevitably the final arbiter of the result.

    Winning Chess Tactics For Juniors

    The Middlegame - BOOK 1
    Static Features
    Catalog Code: B0004HY

    Max Euwe was World Chess Champion in the 1930s and he collaborated with International Master Kramer to write this great treatise on how to play chess middlegames. Book I of the series covers pawn formations and static features of the game of chess. Thousands of satisfied customers have made this one of the most popular books on chess middlegames. Completely re-edited and translated to algebraic notation in this 1994 edition.

    The Middlegame - BOOK 1

    My System - 21st Century Edition
    The Landmark Positional Chess Training Classic in an Easy-To-Study Algebaic Format / 419 Diagrams
    Catalog Code: B0002HY

    For many years, Nimzovich was known as the ''Stormy Petrel'' of the chess world. Today, his profound theories of positional chess are accepted as a matter of course, and a knowledge of them is essential to every player who wants to improve his game. My System describes a theory of chess; it also describes the character and genius of its author.

    My System - 21st Century Edition


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