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  1. Everyman Chess (414)
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  3. US Chess Federation (284)
  4. New in Chess (246)
  5. Chess Digest (79)
  6. Russell Enterprises (75)
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  8. Gambit Publishing (46)
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  10. Chess Evolution (41)
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  12. Chess Stars LTD. (27)
  13. S1 Editrice (27)
  14. Self Published (25)
  15. Dover Chess (24)
  16. Mongoose Press (21)
  17. Caissa Editions (17)
  18. Chess Information (16)
  19. Thinkers Publishing (13)
  20. KNSB Dutch (11)
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  25. Thinker's Press (8)
  26. Lulu Press (7)
  27. American Chess (7)
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  30. Pergamon Chess (5)
  31. American Chess Magazine (5)
  32. Winning Chess for Kids (5)
  33. Chess Informant (4)
  34. Learning Plus (3)
  35. Chess Detective (3)
  36. Metropolitan Chess Publishing (3)
  37. Random House (3)
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  40. HairBall (2)
  41. Stein and Day (2)
  42. Syzgy (1)
  43. Chequers (1)
  44. Black Dog & Leventhal (1)
  45. The Crowood Press (1)
  46. British Chess Magazine (BCM) (1)
  47. U.S. Chess Center (1)
  48. Ukrania (1)
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  51. Chess Enterprises (1)
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  53. Chess Press (1)
  54. Chess University (1)
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  56. Convekta (1)
  57. Quadrangle (1)
  58. Prime Rate Szolgaltato Beteti Tarsasag (1)
  59. Players' Press (1)
  60. Dearborn Chess Library (1)
  61. Paramount Ridge Press (1)
  62. Oxford (1)
  63. Farrar Straus & Giroux (1)
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  67. Le Pion Passe Editions (1)
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  1. FAN - Figurine (5)
  2. AN - Algebraic (3)
  1. Adrian Mikhalchishin (1)
  2. Adrien Demuth (1)
  3. Alexey Kuzmin (1)
  4. David Levy (1)
  5. Dirk Sebastian (1)
  6. Georgios Souleidis (1)
  7. Kevin O'Connell (1)
  8. Milos Pavlovic (1)
  9. Oleg Stetsko (1)
  10. Stephen Gerzadowicz (2)
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    The Modernized Reti
    Positional Repertoire
    Catalog Code: B0019TH

    The Reti opening has been quite popular in recent years. In the 'Modernized Reti', the author explains how this subtle opening needs to be handled. With many transpositions into different types of positions, it is one of the richest White choices has when starting the game. If you are looking for a refined, positional and dynamic way to play as White, this book will show you the way!
    New Product!

    The Modernized Reti

    Reloaded Weapons in the Benoni
    Catalog Code: B0015TH

    The third in his "weapons" series for Thinker's Publishing, Grandmaster Milos Pavlovic analyzes the Benoni and introduces many new and unexplored ideas in this exciting opening. We are convinced that this book will inspire the Benoni player to use his "reloaded weapons" and achieve great results!

    Reloaded Weapons in the Benoni

    Together with Morozevich
    Calculation Training Tools and Practical Decision Making
    Catalog Code: B0016TH

    This book invites the reader to enter the wonderful elite chess world with one of the most creative Grandmasters of all time. It tells about his approach to the core of fighting, about his strongest points but also about his weaknesses. It presents real masterpieces and hurtful losses. However, the author not only shows a panorama of his creativity but also offers the reader to think over the problems together with "Moro". You can simply take place in his seat, look through his eyes and finally play like Morozevich!

    Together with Morozevich

    Thinkers Publishing Chess Puzzle Book 2016
    Catalog Code: B0014TH

    International Masters Souleidis and Sebastian started for Thinkers Publishing (TP) a yearly new series of exercise books. They selected for their first volume an exceptional amount of great tactical themes and puzzles. The authors have only one message for the devoted chess player: focus and exercise!

    Thinkers Publishing Chess Puzzle Book 2016

    Mastering Complex Endgames
    Catalog Code: B0013TH

    The authors compiled, resulting from all different kind of middlegames, an impressive amount of the most instructive endgames. The ideal material for any chess players or trainer in search of the needed endgame finesse.

    Mastering Complex Endgames

    Instant Chess
    Catalog Code: CB0124RB

    The authors explain in a logical and easily way the basic rules of chess, how the pieces move and some of the more fundamental ideas of chess strategy. A special feature of the book is the inclusion of numerous illustrations and clear diagrams to emphasize and supplement the various points made in the text.

    Instant Chess

    Journal of a Chess Original
    Catalog Code: CB0025RB

    Take a tour through the mind, the games and the literary pen of chess' answer to Ralph Waldo Emerson as he wins, loses, entertains and plays 1. e4!? during his mid-Life crisis.

    Here you will find the only known photograph of The Gerzadowicz Cup plus a brief history of the Cup competition.

    Journal of a Chess Original

    Thinkers' Chess
    Catalog Code: CB0113RB

    Can your chess use some improvement? Chessco, one of the country's leading chess retailers, asked its customers to send in "interesting" games they have played to be annotated by Gerzadowicz, author of the very successful Journal of a Chess Master. With his own literary style, humor and puns, Gerzadowicz delves into the intricacies of each game and offers suggestions, compliments excellent play, and offers real tips which will improve your game—starting now! 

    Thinkers' Chess


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