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    A Year Inside the Chess World
    Insanity, Passion & Addiction
    Catalog Code: B0008EV

    In this at times hilarious and tragic account, Gormally shares the inner workings of the chess world — a world riven with insecurities, strange social customs and petty rivalries, while casting his analytical eye even on topics as disparate as eccentric waiters, strange Amsterdam zoos and inspiring mountain passes. It’s a story you won’t want to miss.

    A Year Inside the Chess World

    Yearbook of Chess Wisdom
    Catalog Code: B0009EV

    In this book the author addresses 366 (one for each day of the year) intriguing chess topics which could be of interest to any chess fan, regardless of the playing level. For example: 
    IQ and chess skills Talent vs. hard work How many games to play per year? Are women underrated or overrated as compared to men? Rating inflation in chess What does your chess tell about your personality? Playing computers: dos and don’ts Developing your chess memory and visualization How does one prepare for an upcoming tournament? Is 1.e4 really “best by test”?

    Yearbook of Chess Wisdom

    Les Professionnels - FRENCH EDITION
    Catalog Code: B0031EV

    Au menu: des analyses de parties, des exercices, des questions/réponses pour découvrir le quotidien de nos GMs, vous saurez tout ou presque sur MVL, Bacrot, Fressinet, Edouard, Bauer, Millet, Guichard et bien d'autres.

    Les Professionnels - FRENCH EDITION


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