CLEARANCE - London 1927 - British Empire Club Tournament

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In the fall of 1927, the British Empire Club organized an international Masters tournament to be held in London, England from October 10th to the 24th. The twelve chess masters invited to compete at the event were first served a banquet dinner at the Empire Club in London on October 9th. There the time control for the tournament was announced at 30 moves in two hours followed by 15 moves every hour.

The participants were among the strongest assembled at the time. Frank James Marshall, a former contender for the world crown, journeyed from the United States. The great hypermodernists Aron Nimzowitsch, Richard Réti, and Savielly Tartakower were also in attendance. Milan Vidmar and Efim Bogoljubov who were two of the very best chess masters living in Europe were also present. The field was rounded out by Edgar Colle and the strong British players and British tournament regulars William Winter, George Alan Thomas, Victor Berger, Fredrick D. Yates, and William Fairhurst.

The only two noticeable absences from the event were the world champion Jose Raul Capablanca and his rival Alexander Alekhine, both of whom were in Argentina at the time contesting the world crown. Nimzowitsch and Tartakower took joint first after a race that started with Tartakower in the lead with Nimzowitsch catching up in the latter half leaving everyone else by the way side. Yates vs Nimzowitsch, 1927 was awarded the best game prize of the tournament.

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