CLEARANCE - Start Playing Chess

Learn the Rules of the Royal Game

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Award-winning author Charles Hertan has written a lively and user-friendly chess primer for kids and other beginners. He will teach you about.

* the ins and outs of the chess board.
* how the pieces move
* the value of the pieces
* capturing (and recapturing) enemy pieces
* check, checkmate and stalemate
* castling
* illegal moves
* en passant pawn capturing
* pawn promotion (including underpromotion!)
* various tips and tricks

Chess is not just an exciting game that brings fun to millions of people around the globe. More and more educators and scientists agree that playing chess has lots of benefits and is a wonderful educational tool. Playing chess improves your brain functions: your memory, cognitive abilities, attention-span, decision making and strategic thinking!

Charles Hertan says: “Kids love chess despite the fact that it is good for them”. His cheerfully laid-out book makes it easy for everyone to start playing games and have fun.

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ISBN 9789056916862
Manufacturer New in Chess
Author/s Charles Hertan
Pages 64 pages
Publication Date Aug 15, 2016
Notation Type FAN - Figurine
Book Binding Type Paperback