Groningen 1946 - International Chess Tournament

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Groningen 1946 was the first major chess tournament after the conclusion of World War II. It was a 20 player round robin. Most of the strongest players of the world were present. Many of the games were exciting and are well annotated by Euwe. They demonstrate that even the strongest grandmasters can make obvious blunders. 

All of the traditional world champions had died during or in the immediate aftermath of the war. Emanuel Lasker died January 11, 1941 at age 72. Capablanca dies 8 March 1942 at age 53 in the same hospital room as Lasker had died. Alekhine died March 24, 1946 at age 53. This meant FIDE could take control of the World Championship. 

Alekhine had been invited and then dis-invited to the "London Victory Tournament" which celebrated the victory over the Nazis. The grounds for the dis-invitation was Alekhine had written articles entitle "Jewish and Aryan Chess" that were published in Paris in Deutsche Schachzeitung, a publication controlled by the Nazis. Alekhine had been in Argentina for the 1939 World Chess Olympiad for the start of the war. There can be little doubt that Alekhine wrote the articles published in Deutsche Schachzeitung, as the articles discussed styles of play by the world's leading grandmasters that he knew better than anyone else. 

But should Alekhine have been punished for this after the war? Was Alekhine still the world Champion? But when Alekhine died in Portugal on March 24, 1946, the issue seemed to become moot, although it is still being debated. 

Groningen 1946 was much stronger because a delegation of the top players were allowed out of the Soviet Union for the first time. Botvinnik, Smyslov, Flohr, Boleslavsky and Kotov represented the Soviet Union and Najdorf came from Argentina, his new country, to play. It had been hoped that Fine and Reshevsky from USA and Keres from Estonia would come to play but they did not arrive. 

Botvinnik and Euwe had been in a race for first place. However, when Najdorf defeated Botvinnik that seemed to end his chances for first place until Euwe blundered and lost to Kotov. That ended for the time being the allegation that the Soviet players would throw games to each other to secure first place. 

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