Kasparov Wood Chess Set

Endorsed By World Champion Garry Kasparov

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Kasparov Wood Chess Set

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For the first time ever, Garry Kasparov has added his name to a line of chess sets as a way to continue his mission to help promote the game as a learning tool and a way to enrich the lives of children and families alike. The attention to detail in the pieces and quality construction of the board will make this a set that can be cherished for years. Additionally, all sets come with a large booklet that provides clear instructions -- from basic setup and playing methods, all the way to more advanced strategy -- which will help new players fall in love with the game.


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Product Details

ISBN Does not apply
King Height 2.25'' inch / 5.72 cm
Square Size 1.5'' inch / 3.81 cm
Travel Set Size 14" inch x 14" inch