Omcor Game Timer 960 Chess Clock

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Omcor Game Timer 960 Chess Clock

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Multi-functional Clock for Chess, Draughts, Scrabble® and more. The Omcor GT960 has all of the time controls used at today's chess tournaments, including Delay, Increment, Fischer, Bronstein, Chess 960 layout and many more! It also offers both progressive and regressive counting, making it ideal for other games including Backgammon, Scrabble or Go. With its wide LCD screens and large buttons, it's simple enough for even the youngest players to use. A total of 58 different time options are included. 38 are pre-set programed modes and 20 are manual set options. The clock has included the most popular modes of play games like Blitz, Rapid, Tournament, Fischer, Bronstein, Guillotine, Delay, Bonus, Go with Byo-Yomi, Scrabble®, Time Restrict, Time Repeating, Descending Time and every time option group has the manual option set.



  • A total of 58 different time rules
  • 960 Chess Layout (Fischer Random) appears on display
  • Manual programming functionality for all methods
  • All 20 manual settings are stored in the clock's memory
  • 38 pre-set options for quick and case of use
  • Alarm and Move counter for all options
  • Optional sound alert to warn for running out of time
  • Indicator light alert to warn the timing side, and the function of light flash when overtime
  • Low battery indication
  • Extreme energy efficient
  • Programming modes for tournaments (Rapid and Slow)
  • Clear LCD display up to 3 meters


Timing functions included:

  • Time- Blitz and Rapid Games
  • Time+ Guillotine
  • 2 x Time+ Guillotine
  • Time+ Time Repeating
  • Bonus ("Fisher"or "Incremental" Mode)
  • Time+ Bonus ("Fisher")
  • 2 x Time+ Bonus ("Fisher")
  • Bonus ("Fisher") Blitz and Rapid
  • Bonus Toumament up to 4 Periods with Bonus time per move ("Fisher")
  • Bronstein (Delay)
  • Time+ Professional byo-yomi
  • Time+ Canadian byo-yomi ("overtime")
  • Hourglass


Size ( L x W x H )

7.4” x 4.3” x 2.9”


1.5 lbs.


2x AA Batteries (Included)

LCD Display

4.8” x 1.2”


6 front configuration buttons

1 turn on/off button at the base


GT960 is compliant with major chess Federations and it’s ready to play in official tournaments

Turn on/off button

In order to provide more security during the game, the turn on/off button has been placed at the base of the clock. This will avoid unintentional resetting the clock.

Low Battery Indicator

In case batteries are at the end its use life, the clock will announce with a sign of low battery. It will provide enough time to end.


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Product Details

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Clock Type Digital
Clock Button Type Toggle
Dimensions 7.4” x 4.3” x 2.9”
Batteries Required 2 x AA (Included)