Prof. Chester Nuhmentz, Jr. Chess Training Material

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This is a collection of 6 individual Chess Training Books by Professor Chester Nuhmentz, Jr.

  • Chess 911
Like emergency dispatchers, players learn to work through crisis situations in a calm, level-headed, systematic way. Players learn to identify ALL their immediate options when in check.
26 pages. Approximately 680K.

  • The Chess S.W.A.T. Team
60 over-sized diagrams that help give players a solid grasp of critical chess concepts: check, checkmate, stalemate, pins, forks, and skewers. Diagrams are large enough that beginners can place actual pieces on the pages to form patterns.
81 pages. Approximately 780K. 

  • Is There Any Escape?
This book helps players develop their skills at looking at the WHOLE board, and recognizing the essential parts of checkmate and stalemate patterns.
27 pages. Approximately 195K. 

  • Roundup At The KR Corral
Roundup at KR Corral is named for its exercises where players must systematically force a lone king into checkmate using a King and a Rook. Hints are available from 2 cowpokes: a rather scholarly gent named Horatio, and a laid-back fellow called Cowboy Bob.

  • Unmask The Impostor!
A dozen cases of classic chess fraud. Players must use their expertise about opening strategy to solve these cases. The solutions in this book were provided by the amazing Light Teal chess computer. 22 pages. Approximately 245K.

  • Whodunnit?
Large chess diagrams give students many chances to see how every chessman on the board -- those on the winning side and those on the losing side -- can have a role in a checkmate. Many key chess ideas are worked into these problems, making them good starting points for study or discussion.
27 pages. Approximately 210K.

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Manufacturer US Chess Federation
Author/s Chester Nuhmentz Jr.
Pages 512 total (6 books)
Publication Date Jan 1, 2001
Notation Type AN - Algebraic
Book Binding Type Paperback